Friday, March 25, 2022

Are these people really this effing stupid? To threaten the use of nukes?

 NATO also has nukes, France warns Russia's Putin as Ukraine war enters Day 2

Joe Biden says food shortages are the real thing.

You wanna talk about food shortages? Not gonna have to worry about that. The whole goddamn world is about to come to an end,won't be any people or plants and animals left when these stupid sunzabitches get done with lobbing nukes all over the place.

Goddamn these fuckin assholes are stupid. Russia has about 6200 nukes, US has about 3200 and I don't know how many nato has. 

But jesus h christ we got em boy and we gonna use em!

Do you think this whole fiasco is caused by some weird space aliens who need radiation to live? Maybe this is their way of changing our planet to suit their physical needs. That's as good of an explanation as any I've heard for this stupid war bullshit.

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