Wednesday, March 2, 2022

What the heck is that noise?

 2:45 am and I wake up to go pee. Lay back down and I keep hearing these bumping noises. Can't determine where they are coming from. Finally I get up grab a flashlight and go outback. Nothing, no bumps, no grinds, nothing. 

Go back inside and I keep hearing these bumping noises. Go out front, nothing, nada, ziparooney. 

Go back inside and I hear it down the hallway. Stand under the return air grille for the ac/heating unit and there it is. Bumps, noises. What the hell, I got something in my attic?

Go back outfront and shine my light up at the ac/heating unit and what do I see? Two fully grown racoons eating something. Gonna have to go up there tomorrow and see if anything is there I need to get rid of.

Maybe have to hit them with my pellet gun and get them to move on.


  1. I don't mean to sound harsh, cruel, or the like, but get rid of them, and I don't mean 'scare them away'.
    Raccoons are very destructive.
    If you can see two, you've likely got 4, or more on the way as spring is around the corner.
    A 'have a heart' trap is well worth the money. Tractor supply carries them and I believe wally world does too.
    I got rid of 4 here using a can of birdseed for bait, and had not seen any for years since then.
    If they get a foothold and being to multiply, you're gonna be busy cleaning up after them.
    What to do with the spoils? I don't know your home situation. Here, I drop the bodies off at the brushline at the edge of the property, and let the turkey vultures do the rest.
    You could trap them and call the local Humane Society. They may be able to dispose of them.

    1. Unfortunately i got too many neighbors to drop them off. And unfortunately i can't shoot them because neighbors. Trapping may be the way to go. I will call my county and see if they have a relocation service.