Wednesday, March 30, 2022

This is just more bullshit from democrats and biden in particular

 DHS preparing for unprecedented Title 42 border rush of up to 18,000 migrants per day

The takeover and demise of this country continues its inexorable path to the end of us.

Are you prepared to accept another 10 or 20 million of these cocksuckers from south of our border? I know some of them may be from other countries but the vast majority of these sunzabitches are from this side of the world and south of our border.

And a goddamn lot of these bastards are fully grown well trained fighting men. With experience. What are you going to do when these people start taking over your small towns and cities? What will our police forces do to stop them? What will democrats do besides clap and cheer?

Our supposed goddamn federal government is ALLOWING a goddamn military to invade us. A lot of these people are coming here to work, but a lot of them are coming here to take us over. Maybe even without firing a shot. 

I was at target store the other day and I thought i was in mexico city. I only saw 2 people other than my wife and I who might be actual americans.

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