Monday, March 14, 2022

Financial Collapse is on the Horizon???

 Have any of you read the book Patriots by James Wesley Rawles?

It is one of the original shtf books. I think. Anyway the premise of the story is financial collapse of the good ole usofa and the troubles that come after.

Several friends band together for survival and it is a story of that.

Here is a link to an article predicting financial collapse here in the good ole usofa and of the whole world:

The West Declared Economic War On Russia, And Now Russia Is Striking Back In A Major Way

Don't know how any of this will play out, but get the book, read it, and make your own plans. Or not. 

Not all of us have the means or the wherewithal to build a fortress out in the wilderness and stock it up. So any plans you make should include, in my opinion, staying where you are at, if possible. What's that old saying, There's no place like home?


  1. 'Patriots' was the first book I read on the SHTF scenario. It opened my eyes, and led me to think.
    The next book in that series was pretty good too.
    Unfortunately, Rawles' ego is so big that he beats down the little man with his 'holier than thou" attitude in real life.
    Worth a read, if one has not however.

    1. Patriots was probably 15 or 16 that I read. Your novel It Could Happen is my first one. I believe you were still writing it when I found it.

    2. Man, thank you Ex! I thought that of John Rawles. I have his blog on my blog role and I read it occasionally, but not when he first started out. One of the items is spending too much time on the writing prizes and for crappy articles they attract. He definitely has his pets and sycophants and that is that. I find other blogs on the net to be more informative and timely then Survival Blog. I had ordered all three of his Patriots series and today I can't tell you what I did with them. I can't remember if I loaned them out and didn't bother to remember to ask for them back and believe me that is a non starter for me, you borrow something from me I expect it back soonest and in teh shape I lent it out in, if not better. I must not have cared if I got them back...