Wednesday, March 30, 2022

Food prices are still too damn high.

 That fuckin asshole biden signed a law making lynching illegal. What a stupid piece of shit he is. Lynching is already illegal. It's called murder. Murder is illegal.


Meanwhile, we got problems. Fucking food prices are going thru the roof. Who is to blame for that? That fuckin asshole biden and the goddamn democrats that's who.

The wife and I went to a grocery store. I took pics but can't figure out how to get them here so you can actually read the prices. So here are some of the prices I saw:

Del Monte mixed vegetables 2.39 can or 2 for 4                         

Del Monte leaf spinach 2.39 can or 2 for 4

Del Monte whole kernel corn 2.39 can or 2 for 4

Del Monte cut green beans 2.39 can or 2 for 4

Chicken of the sea chunk light tuna 2 pack can 5.49 on sale for 4.88

Starkist tuna single can 2.65 on sale for 2.49

Mt.Olive whole picke kosher dill 4.29

Mt.Olive kosher dill spears, large jar, 2.69

Chef Boyardee miniravioli, 1.99 can

The can sizes are the normal small cans of veggies. These prices are at least 50% higher or more than at this time before that asshole biden took office. We used to pay 89cents a can for this stuff.

So you get the picture. Those items weren't what we went for but it seems representative of the whole store.

And now that the wife and I are on fixed income which is much lower than what it was when I was working, we gotta watch our p's and q's when we go shopping. 

So fuck joe biden, and fuck everybody who voted for him.

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