Friday, March 4, 2022

It just keeps getting worse

 Corn and Soybean Farmer Says Americans May See Grocery Bills Increase $1,000 a Month

Huh. Who would've thought electing a bunch of inbred democrats would have brought this much stupidity into our lives?

Anyone? Bueller? 

Do you  have a grand a month extra? I don't. I don't spend a grand a month for food now, I can't envision ever spending that much. But if fertilizer costs are going up that much I am going to start my garden back up. Compost is cheap, I can make my own.

The people who voted this asshole in deserve to be horsewhipped and then orificely violated in several different ways. Hot pokers come to mind.


  1. I just see another "Doom and Gloom" article from someone who runs his farming operation for Max Profits (Nothing wrong that what everyone does) who needs fertilizer and other things due to no type crop rotation. In 6-12 months will we see him saying OOPS I really didn't know what I was talking about.

    1. I don't see our food prices going up that much. May be exaggeration to make his point.

  2. There are always alternatives to mono farming, crop rotation, using other types of fertilizers, most aren't as efficient or durable, but can be used. One thing since living here in South Dakota, farmers cry like babies. Always poor mouthing but can afford space ship tractors and combines and drive the latest pickups and newer cars and usually have fancy farm houses. They get more .fed welfare then a skank in the ghetto with 6 kids. So they might have to get creative, won't hurt them and they need to stop planting gas corn, it is not suitable for human consumption and that is where more of the fertilizers go...