Tuesday, March 8, 2022

God these people are...what? Stupid? Tone deaf? Arrogant? Pricks?

 e-vehicle push as gas skyrockets

They are DELIBERATELY raising gas prices.

Why? They want you in an ELECTRIC vehicle? Or on a bicycle or on public transportation(which they want to be electric). Anything but fossil fuel. 

Why? My opinion---global warming, they want to control you more, who the hell knows what these suckers of ignorant cock think. 

As they said a few years back never let a crisis go to waste. The covid crisis had lost it's potency so they are ginning up a new one.

The only reason gas prices are rising so fast and so high is because they think that is how they will finally push you me and everyone into getting rid of their fossil fueled vehicles. Or at least drive less. They don't give a flying fork whether you need to get to work or school or vacation or simply dragging main like we used to do in the 60's.

When the electric grid is so fragile that california has to have rolling blackouts because there isn't enough electricity generation. When texas has the largest loss of electricity ever during winter due to green energy policies. If even 10% of americans buy a damn electric car where do they think the energy to recharge those damn batteries is going to come from?

And they want the electricity to be green renewable energy. I applaud the desire. But I don't think we are that close to a reliable renewable energy source.

And speaking of batteries what happens to the environment when those batteries have to be disposed of? Have they factored any of that into their plans?

I don't think they care. They have decided this is the politically correct thing for this month or this year and by god they are going to shove it down your throat even if you don't want it you're gonna get it because by god they know best!!


  1. And how do they expect the average American to buy these $60+k vehicles?

  2. We can bury the batteries with the huge windmill blades that can't be recycled.

  3. The want an end to fossil fuels because that technology allows ANYONE to travel ANYWHERE whenever they choose. Makes it impossible to CONTROL the people when they can do that. Public transport allows THEM to decide when, where and IF you get to travel. EV technology makes it possible for you to perhaps go to and from work....maybe. But it CAN'T give you the range to travel far enough to pose a threat to their grasp on power. EVERYTHING the criminals in power do is designed to give them more power and control over us and take more and more wealth from us. EVERYTHING!