Friday, March 4, 2022

Putin has placed his family in a bunker designed for protection from nuclear war

 If The U.S. Military Attacks Russian Forces, Will Vladimir Putin Use Nuclear Weapons Against Us?

You know what is really really stupid? Besides slow joe and the ho that is?

Making a nofly zone over ukraine. If that happens who do you think will be the ones who have to enforce that nofly zone? Germany? England? Or even canada for fucksake?

Nope, the good ole usofa will be the one to do that. And good old vlad the impaler is just gonna sit back and let us do that, you betcha.

And now he has placed his family in a bunker to protect them from nuclear war.

What the hell does that tell you about his mindset? He ain't fuckin around my friend.

I think two things apply here when you look at his mindset.

slowjoe: vlad why you doin this?

vlad: because fuck you that's why.

slowjoe: we gotta enforce the  nofly zone vlad!

vlad: fuck around and find out joe!

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  1. I see a lot of adverse reactions to the vax in pilots coming up. Vlad will never forget what we've done in 1989 2014 and who got the stingers to Azov forces.