Tuesday, March 1, 2022

Just like a bunch of damn lemmings...

 Russian Vodka Is Being Poured Out and Taken Off The Shelves All Around The World

Jesus H Christ what the hell is up with people getting rid of their russian made vodka? I mean most people probably don't even know about russia and ukraine, and those that do don't give a shit one way or the other. I know I don't.

So why in the hell are people pouring out their vodka and not selling it anymore?

I wonder if the media started shouting from the roof tops that all men should transition to transgender how many "men" would go cut their dicks off?


  1. Virtue signaling cunts.
    This is how we wound up with "Freedom Fries".

  2. I'm going to the state juice store tomorrow to make them an offer on all that evil Rusky Licker , Heh .

    1. Me too. I like bloody mary's and screwdrivers.