Sunday, March 13, 2022

You know what really burns my butt?

 Other than a flame about 2 1/2 ft high, quite a lot of stuff burns my butt. 

In particular today is a company called Bonnie plants that supplies plants to lowes, tractor supply and elsewhere.

I took a look at their strawberry plants at lowes recently. No price tag on any of the plants? How in the hell am I supposed to know if I even want to look at it if there is no pricetag?

So i went up to the cash register and asked the lady how much is this strawberry plant? She had absolutely no idea! Said it was the responsibility of the vendor to price the plants. 

So today we went to tractor supply just browsing and they had strawberry plants for sale. Same company and again no price. So I asked the cashier how much are these plants? Again, she had absolutely no idea. How the hell they supposed to sell something if they don't know the price?

Some years back my wife was trying to buy some fabric. The price tag said 1.99 per yard. So she went to get some. They wanted to charge 4.99 per yard. So obviously no sale. She called the supposedly better business bureau and they said to her that the price of any product is whatever the cash register rings it up as. They didn't care about the aspect of bait and switch or anything.

So I emailed the plant people and complained. Lets see what feeble excuses emanate from them. Thanks for listenening to my brief rant.


  1. So, a hot poker up your backside doesn't burn your butt? I had the same at Wally weird, I wanted to buy some small plastic totes to put spaghetti packages and rice packages in so bugs and mice can't get to them as easy and no prices on any totes or storage bins, I ask the clerk they require mind reading now?

  2. Also, so when do vendors set prices, a store buys them at an agreed price and then marks them up to make a profit off of them. I woul dcomplain to the selling store's upper butt holes about it.