Friday, March 25, 2022

SHTF Money

Survival Disaster Cash For After The SHTF 

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Executive order 14067 signed by Joey on 3/19/2022….is the mandate to establish the digital dollar and to replace paper currency and coinage. This is the ultimate means of government control of all monetary means and also the main tool for a one world government. As a former federal agent working with the comptroller of the currency who regulates all national banks and is a dept of the U.S. Treasury, I performed audits in National Banks in the Midwest. The government’s policy required holders of national bank charters to maintain in their cash vaults “special bagged currency” that was sealed and could only be opened by National Bank Examiners. This was an emergency colored currency to be used in a National crisis due to war or economic necessity. Each denomination of bills were printed in a total shade of color (e.g. 5 dollar bills were all red, 10 dollar bill were all blue and so on) the need in time of a economic crisis (devaluation of the dollar maybe) would work like this a person would exchange current currency of 1000 dollars and they would be given 100 dollars in colored money…..currently any other assets such as bank accounts, investments, retirements funds could be devalued by a stroke of the pen. What is so diabolical about changing to digital currency is that the government would no longer need physical special currency they would have control over the individuals totals assets and with a keystroke devalue net worth in its entirety. This executive order fits in with the U.S. meeting with nato yesterday to unify plans for and I quote Joey…..”a one world government”. The handwriting is on the wall and in your face…..wake up people we are at the slaughter house and it’s not promising.

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