Sunday, August 28, 2022

1500 to NYC and 7400 to DC? Just a drop in the bucket

  Texas governor accelerates busing of illegals from southern border to New York City

Heck, if I was an illegal coming in I would jump at the chance to get on a bus to NYC. Then jump off of it when it gets close to somewhere I want to be.

But I don't see how this miniscule amount of illegals being transported is helping the border cities down there at all.

The article says since shitstain biden took(and that is an appropriate word for it)office, 5 million illegals have come in. Where the hell they all staying? Who is feeding them? Housing them? What about all the extra ballots they gotta print now, who's gonna deliver them?

Those border towns don't have the hotel space for that many people, so you know they gotta be scattered all over hells creation by now.

Probly starting military training sites in the middle of bumfuck delaware.

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