Friday, August 26, 2022

Good Morning!



  1. I feel no pity or sympathy for EV drivers, let them stew in their virtuous state of mind. A new crate engine with labor is about $5000 bucks and will last longer iffn' ya take care of it.

    1. EV's have their place, but they're no panacea, and SHOULD NOT be mandated down our throats!

      I actually OWN a Chevy Volt. Buying it was a personal economic decision based on my commute distance and the cost of fuel. The Volt is a "Gasoline Electric." It'll go about 40 miles on battery. When the battery is discharged, a small engine, less than 1L, will start and generate electricity to the motor. At that point I'm getting 34MPG, and can drive it until I run out of gas like any other car. My commute falls barely within the car's battery range. I live in a hilly area. Charging at home costs me about $2.00. We have chargers where I work. I get to work, mostly downhill, with about 17 miles left on the battery. It costs me about $1.30 to charge the car up there. On the return trip, mostly uphill, the engine will usually start about a mile from my house. At that point it's a hybrid, shutting off at stops and starting after I get going. So, for less than $3.00 I can go to and from work in a place where a fuel powered car at 34MPG would cost me over ten bucks. No virtue signaling here, just plain dollars and cents.

      Also, for the record, the Chevy Volt has one of the best battery systems on the market. Failures of their batteries are VERY rare. The batteries are manufactured in Texas in a clean room environment , and usually outlast the rest of the car. My Volt is a '12 and has 160K miles on it. Volt taxis usually retire at around 300K miles. So far, so good on my battery.

      ...All that being said, if the dollars made sense, I'd still be driving an ICE (Internal Combustion Engine) vehicle. They're less complicated and will last as long as you're willing to put parts into them! The weekends will find me in my 25-year-old Jeep Wrangler. Why? It's just "me." I bought the Volt as a commuter. It has programmed obsolescence built into it, I know. Thing is, I bought it knowing I wouldn't be keeping it forever. The Jeep, on the other hand, will be in my barn as long as God allows!

      ...You and I will be telling people downstream of us about the good old days, and will try our best to describe the singular sound of a "played with" V8... ...Good times...

    2. Oh; an I put a little less than two gallons of gas in it a couple of weeks ago... after driving the thing over 3000 miles...

    3. Pete, you are making me turn green with envy. I just drove 188 miles in my wifes car, and we filled up with sixty bucks of gas. EV's do have their place, but generally speaking an internal combustion vehicle is much more useful. Just have to be aware of the cost of the battery is all. If I could find a cheap golf cart I might buy it for going down to the high dollar store about a mile from my house.

    4. My grandsons and I are looking at a crate engine for his 1976 pickup. About 2800 plus delivery. If we ever get it running I'm going to sell mine and drive that one. The concept of electric vehicles is okay, just not quite ready for primetime yet. Our asshoe gov newsom has MANDATED no more new gas vehicles to be sold, I forget the year. Fuck him and fuck them.

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