Sunday, August 21, 2022

Did you hear about this crap???

 Fargo School Board Reinstates Pledge Of Allegiance After National Public Outcry

Did you hear about this shit? I missed it, didn't know anything about it until I just saw this article.


What goddamn country do these shitsuckin assholes think they are in? Bumfuck egypt? The pledge says One Nation, Under God. And that is what these shitstain sunzabitches are upset about.

Apparently one of the board members is from Sudan. Okay, that's fine. Why did she come to the united states. Because she had a great life in sudan and wanted to make her life worse? Or because the united states is STILL the LAND OF OPPORTUNITY? And she could make a better life HERE than in the third and fourth world shithole she came from??

This is SUPPOSED to be the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. And goddamnit everyone in this country should pledge allegiance to this country and to this flag. Whether you believe in Under God or not.

And if you don't want to pledge allegiance to THIS country, then go back to whatever fucking shithole country you come from.

Fuckin assholes.


  1. Why are they allowing a non-natural born (possibly not) citizen on a school board? That is one of many problems we are facing. "They" come over here and not familiar with culture and civics and are allowed a vote. I would think she would be grateful to be here. Seems she was/is a socialist/communist plant to disrupt us.

    1. Unfortunately some of the natural borns sided with her.

  2. Maybe that’s why their gonna build the Titanic 2, we can ship these asshats back, sink the boat, and it’s not our fault.

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    1. Thank you Phil. Glad you are here. I think like you do, I thoroughly enjoy when you start tellin it like it is.