Thursday, August 18, 2022

The DOJ Now Admits The FBI Improperly Seized Trump’s Property.

 The feebs gonna return some of the property they stole.

Who gives a good goddamn if they are going to return property? Shouldn't have been seized in the first place. Isn't that a crime in and of itself???

None of this bullshit warrants a raid like this. Could have easily been handled. Sit down at a table. 6 lawyers on one side, 6 lawyers on the other, an unbiased judge in the middle. Hash it out. Turn over or keep whatever documents the judge says. End of story. Take about 6 hours to get 'er done.

But that doesn't fit their narrative of Orange Man Bad.

They have had ten days now to go over everything they took, whether it was improper or not. 

How many bugs did they plant in the place? And did they have the legal papers to do so? 

Hell, I know he likes the place, but if I was him I would never go back there. And Melania should give all of her clothes and jewelry away and get new. And have all of the new stuff checked for planted bugs.

Hell, if I was him I would find the nearest motel 6 and camp out there. They always leave the lights on. 

Fuck 'em.

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