Thursday, August 4, 2022

What I did today. Not a whiny rant.

My wife and I made a run to our local landfill. I had to get rid of an old kitchen stove, clothes washer, and clothes dryer. All 3 of them are decades old. They had a good run. 

$47.55 to get rid of all three. $15.85 each. And I got to take some other stuff next week. They gonna get rich off me.

I probably could have fixed the clothes washer with a $99 printed circuit board. But I convinced my wife for us to just get a new washer and dryer.

So we did. Did you know the lid on the washer locks closed when it runs? Trying to protect me from stickin my hands where they don't belong I guess. Kind of like the seatbelt buzzer in a car. And the dryer ran and dryed okay, it just had a bump in its goaround. Bump run bump run. Worked okay just noisy.

The stove. I got to believe that stove is 40 years old. We have a small rental house. We lived nextdoor to that house from 1977 to 2008, and as far as I know that stove was there in 1977. 

Anyhow the tenants moved out the first week of april and I have been very slowly cleaning the yard and getting it ready to sell. Took off the whole month of july so nothing got done. Went there yesterday, did some stuff and removed the stove. In the process of removing the stove I found out where where the gas bill of $30 month has been coming from.

I closed the gas valve on the stove when the tenants moved out, but I didn't disconnect the line to the unit. If I had I would have heard the gas escaping. The pilot for the burners has been running this whole time. So I made sure the valve was properly closed then I put a plug into the end of it. Voila, no more gas bill.

On the way home I decided I needed gas. So I filled up at one of the places that have $4.75 gas. A little over 16 gallons cost me $75.81. I remember at the beginning of june paying 95 bucks or more to fill up. That is one hell of a price difference.

Who the hell is manipulating gas prices?  And why? To control the midterm elections? Who knows?  Not even The Shadow do!


  1. Why are you selling? Pretty low property taxes you’ll be giving up.

    1. I will also be giving up a house payment. It is not my primary residence, and I am tired of being a landlord. Let someone else have the headaches.