Monday, August 8, 2022

The irs sucks balls.

 The US is about to go full Louis XVI

How many irs agents are they going to hire?  87,000?

That seems like a lot. And they are adding 80 billion dollars to their budget. Couldn't find out over how many years that is.

It is called The Inflation Reduction Act. One of the blogs today has a you tube video of ole bernie sanders saying the "socalled inflation reduction act will only minimally impact inflation". I was going to link to it but I can't remember where that was.

From what I have read, looks like anyone earning over 400K annually will be safe from being looked over.

So it looks like you and I, dear Friends, will once again be paying the piper.

I think I already have, because they still haven't seen fit to give back the money they owe me from my tax overpayment of last year. $431 they owe me the cocksuckers.

And when I check my refund status online they say: Not enough information.


  1. Pretty soon it will go kinetic and you will get military grade weapons and equipment worth 200 times more them that...

  2. We received a letter from IRS this past June asking for us to pay our income taxes or suffer the consequences. I copied the check receipt from the U.S. Certified Mail money order as well the receipt of their acceptance from IRS facility and did not get any more guff.

    I wouldn't rely an payments via computer any more. Send in physical item, COPYING THEM 1ST FOR PROOF OF EXISTENCE, before mailing in.