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Sunday, August 14, 2022

Bought some stuff today.


See those two bags? Those two bags, with not really all that much stuff in them, represents a $94 purchase at walmart.

Two packages of underwear, bras, about 7 things of yarn, a small slingshot, and a soda.  A few craft items. $94.00

This is crazy. On the way home we passed by an EZ Trip gas station in madera. Selling 87 octane regular gas at $4.33 per gallon. There were at least 30 cars in line. The other 2 gas stations were at $4.87 per gallon. 

About three miles down the road another EZ Trip station selling 87 octane regular gas at $4.72 per gallon.

In june those prices were $6.39 per gallon. How does inflation cause gas prices to go down? Someone is manipulating the hell out of things.

Being on a fixed income, it is hard to buy as much as I want to and used to buy. But this 0% inflation of slow joe is starting to really hit me hard.


  1. Goes with the old joke about Americans getting stronger.
    "Ten years ago, it took a grown man to carry in fifty dollars worth of groceries. Today, a ten year old child can do it!"

    1. That's kinda funny looking at it that way.

  2. The thing that annoys/bemuses/angers/confuses me the most is that most people still look at it as "The price of my groceries has gone up". No (well, it may have ... too, as well as shrunk in size) it's how much your money is worth went down.

    I tried the whole "In 1920 you could take a $20 ounce of gold and buy a bespoke suit. Today you can take a $1500 ounce of gold and buy the same suit. The suit's the same, the gold's the same ... your money is now worth only 1/75 th (0.0133r) of what used to be" and ... they still don't seem to get it. (especially since the reality is that that suit is actually costing less, with modern manufacturing, etc.)

    The fact that people now (even before this current dive off the cliff) spent more on a phone than their grandparents spent on a house, just doesn't seem to ... make a mark.

    I'd say it's denial (they aren't all stupid) but ... The Gods of the Copybook Headings are about to put in an appearance, and most don't seem to understand they should be preparing, let alone why.

    Fixed income here too, so given up all my luxuries and buying bulk staples as fast as the check clears (before it depreciates in front of my eyes) so (hopefully) I wont starve at least, when the 'buying a loaf of bread takes a wheelbarrow full of cash' times arrive.

    1. My first house cost $27,500. Try to buy a tesla with that.

  3. As we discussed on the phone Fred, they are manipulating this at the highest levels. Another nail in their collective coffin.

    1. Gotta be that. Don't know how else it gets accomplished.