Thursday, August 11, 2022

Electricity Bills are taking all my money.

 This electricity billing cycle, my wife and I used 55 kwh per day of electricity.

A year ago for the same billing cycle we used 60 kwh per day of electricity. Which is 5 kwh per day less usage on this billing cycle.

We paid $140 more for electricity on this billing cycle than we did one year ago.

Well, almost every day since the beginning of july has been over 100°. We ran our air conditioning unit 24 hours a day for almost a month. And that is normal summer usage for this time of year. It is always this hot in our summers.

But crapanitley, we use less electricity than last year and our bill INCREASES by 26%????

Thank you Pacific Gas & Electric. Thank you dementia joe, for having the foresight to shut down most of the energy producing sector so that our rates go up, all in the name of gaia. 

Yeah, thanks for nothin'.


  1. Everything happening makes sense....when you come to the realization that the criminals in power want us dead.....

    1. I agree with you. This is a gigantic plan for them to do something.