Thursday, August 4, 2022

Well, crap.

 Jury duty. Bull and shit. 

Go all week long with you are postponed until tomorrow. 

Now guess what. I gotta report  at 8:15 on a FRIDAY. 

Who is the dumbasshole that thought that up?

I mean, I got some serious stuff I need to be doin here at home.  Like blogging. That's waaaay more important than jury duty.

Jury duty wouldn't piss me off so much if not for a few things.  Things such as the judge can overturn any verdict the jury brings back. The jury doesn't get to see ALL of the evidence. Then before the jury heads out for deliberation, the judge gives them directives on how they have to deliberate and basically what verdict he expects them to deliver.  And another big one is the fact that the prosecution and defense can come to some sort of deal before the jury renders a verdict. That just renders pointless the entire amount of time the jury is seated.

And the stupid asswipes at this place STILL have the mask requirement and 6 foot distance in place. Please, my sneezy snot will travel much further than 6 feet. Plus I have bad B.O.

Do you think I can give the judge the same excuse this lady does?


  1. Being a juror gives an honest American the opportunity to engage in
    "jury nullification" if necessary. If the charges being tried are based on bullshit laws that violate the Constitution or the defendants rights you simply vote 'Not Guilty'. You are not required to say why. Even the mention of the term nullification will get you tossed off a jury. But you DO have that right regardless of what a black robed pirate says. It's tough for a judge to toss a jury verdict and issue a directed verdict that conflicts with it. Such choices invariably get tossed on appeal to a higher court. As a good citizen it's your duty to serve on a jury and see that JUSTICE is served....NOT the law.

    1. I disagree that it is my duty to serve on a jury. If that were the case, I expect that duty to be voluntary. But jury duty is a mandate, without recourse, except in special circumstances you can get excused from it. If you don't show up you go to jail. That, to me, is not duty, it is servitude.

  2. Remember, the judge issues “instructions” to the jury, not orders. Once the matter is given to the jury, no legal force on earth can overturn a legitimate “not guilty” verdict.

    1. The judges instructions are basically orders. And from what I have seen and read, the judge can overturn any verdict he thinks is wrong. I will try and do an internet search on that to satisfy my curiosity on that now.

  3. Just tell them of your felony convictions...that oughta do it...