Saturday, August 20, 2022

And now with ever more to cause worry and confusion.

 Forget Covid and monkeypox - new 'tomato flu' can 'change colour of your limbs'

Now I think they're just makin shit up.


  1. Of course they are. They're desperately trying to excuse all the side-effects of the clot-shot as ... anything but what it is (because if people start thinking that 'they' did this to them, and knew in advance, all bets are off and ... I'd advise going long on piano wire futures).

    Why do they think they can get away with it? Because they've done so before. HIV has never, even now, been shown to cause AIDS. It was always known it was the (being polite) "lifestyle choices" of those diagnosed that caused the multiple presenting symptoms. Ask any professional and e.g. AIDS Kaposi's Sarcoma is completely unlike non-AIDS KS. They labelled the multiple side effects as something they vaguely resembled and ... ta da AIDS is born.

    Now? We have "monkey pox" and "tomato virus" (not to mention the 'suddenly' always common "young person heart attack/stroke" et al) and ... "sudden death syndrome, SDS (sounds a bit familiar, yah think?).

    1. Didn't dr. fossi have something to do with the aids thing???