Monday, August 22, 2022

Maybe liz cheney will be the democrat nominee for 2024.

 Liz Cheney Says She’ll Support Dems In Races Against Some Republicans

Wonder why she just doesn't say it already?    I AM A DEMOCRAT!

She has zero republican creds. But I gotta admit, 99.99% of republicans don't have republican creds either.

What do I consider to be republican creds?

Smaller government, more freedom, fewer laws rules and regulations.

Probly a few more, but those cover everything, I think.


  1. To save America, pay off the debt by cutting the Federal government in half. Pair it down to actual necessities. Start by cutting D o Ed, all agencies related to race-discrimination-PC-Affirmative Action. No need for Dept. of Energy either. Next, gut the welfare system down to the Japanese model. Cut all Environmental agencies down to 10% with the possibility of future incremental restoration if necessary.

  2. She's part of the self-proclaimed royalty of the United States. They'll do anything to stay in power, including treason.

    1. And she's got that treason thing down pat, doesn't she?