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Saturday, August 20, 2022

One more of the long list of reasons I don't fly.

 Boeing 737 Misses Descent After Pilots Reportedly Fell Asleep

Oh my. 

Sittin in the 7th row of the airplane, window seat, anxiously awaiting the time you can escape from this enclosed death trap, and you look at your watch to see how much longer and you are ten minutes past your landing time.

What do you do? Go all Karen on the stewardesses? Or suck it up and wait?

I would probably start screaming and then start beating on the sonofabitch behind me who kept accidentally? kicking my seat, and then beat on the person in front of me who had their seatback reclined into my lap.

I absolutely hate flying.  

And then find out the pilots who were there to SAFELY transport me halfway across the world were ASLEEP???

Holy Shit!


  1. I'd rather drive 3 days than fly 3 hours. Just did it.

  2. I used to fly jumpseat on 727s. I've seen them open papers up in the cockpit and bury their heads for minutes on end. They are auto pilot system managers. I think only Delta makes them hand fly the aircraft at times. When things fall apart, the ex-mil pilots might be able to get you down safely, but the civvies I don't trust.

    1. Best we can hope for is a denzel washington style of pilot when the stuff breaks.

  3. Considering the clot-shot mandates, the diversity hires and now (here at least) the push (by Virgin Airlines) to have (mentally ill) trans pilots .... I'll walk, or paddle, rather than fly any more.

    1. For years I have been dedicated to driving when I travel. I have flown, but only when I absolutely did not have the time to drive.