Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Eff Bee Eye is a bunch of womens panties wearers, otherwise known as transvestites.

 FBI searched Melania’s wardrobe, spent hours in Trump’s private office during Mar-a-Lago raid

Jeezus H. Christ. 

These effin assbuttholes spent 9 hours SEARCHING thru Mar a Lago.

These effin assholes TURNED OFF the security cameras.

These effin assholes DID NOT LET anyone from President Trumps place monitor what the effin bee eye assbuttholes did in the place.

How much STUFF did these fuckers PLANT as socalled evidence to arrest Donald J. Trump??

These fuckers planted  100% of whatever they wanted to plant. Because no oversight for these fuckers. 

All fbi agents should be shot on sight. 

And The Gateway Pundit is reporting:  Report Alleges FBI “Had Personal Stake” in Mar-a-Lago Raid – Agents Were After Spygate Documents Trump Was Holding That Likely Implicated FBI

That makes more sense to me than anything  else about this shit does.

IF, and that's a big if, the repubs take back congress they goddamn well better from DAY FUCKING ONE haul all 30 of these cocksucker fbi people in for questioning. Christopher Wray, Fuckface Garland, and that goddamn judge that hates President Trump better be there. And this shit better be played on tv just like jan 6 shitshow is being done.

These fuckers didn't raid ONE GODDAMN FUCKING PLACE to get back swillarys 33,000 emails.

I tell ya, people incountry like we are, are just gettin fucking pissed off.


  1. It's coming Fred. It's coming ...

    As in wartime past? It is vitally important for people to seriously remember: Loose lips sink ships.

    I wanted to share about a new addition to my personal (enhanced peripheral defense technique) repertoire/inventory. An 8" fixed blade no less. That is all that and a bag of chips. And isn't priced to the heavens. But I caught myself.

    The roar of a distant thunder rapidly approaches.