Sunday, August 21, 2022

War is Hell

 Chang: China Is Preparing To Go To War

If a nuke drops within a hundred miles of you, what are you going to do?

If you got a stocked up bomb shelter with adequate air filtration, get in it and wait it out.

I don't have one, nor access to one. I think I could probably pile dirt against my house to make a radiation barrier, but i'm pretty sure that ain't gonna happen.

So in my situation, about my only recourse would be to bug out. I'm pretty sure that ain't gonna happen neither. With as many people as we got around here, the roads would be blocked in 30 minutes or less.

Got a good geiger counter? Dosimeters? Amazons got em, with varying prices. Hell, even if i bought one, it has been since 1976 since I even thought about using one. Don't know if it would do me any good. 

Got potassium iodide tablets? I got some of those stocked up. If the warning signs get too bad, maybe we would start taking those.

If china comes at us, it will most likely be nukes. In my opinion, there is no way they could get a million screamin chinamen across the ocean without us knowing they're coming. Maybe a few weeks after the nukes they might try to invade.

Nukes are not a nice thing to think about. But maybe now is the time for us to start thinking about things like that. 

Can't hurt, and maybe it could help. Think about it.


  1. Too many people thing Potassium Iodide will save them from harm if the Big One goes off. They won't. All it does is soak your thyroid with available iodine for a period of time so that your thyroid doesn't absorb radioactive iodine from the environment which would result in thyroid cancer. It does NOTHING to protect you from the radioactive Strontium, Plutonium, Cesium and other isotopes that will be released after the Kaboom. It's just a TINY factor in overall protection strategies from radiation.

    1. True. But it needs to be in your stockpile. Best way to be safe is to not be anywhere near when it happens.