Tuesday, August 16, 2022

Arizona Governor Finally Takes Action

 Arizona Stacks Shipping Containers With Razor Wire On Southern Border Wall To Stop Biden’s Invasion – Border Gap Near Yuma CLOSED

I wonder how soon slow joe and his doj take arizona to court for doing something the federal government should be doing.

I know less than zero about doug ducey and arizona. But I wonder if he would be doing this if Kari Lake wasn't making tsunamis with her campaign for governor.

What the hell took so long for arizona to close a portion of the border that was wide open?

I know why joe and the hoe didn't. 


  1. Our senator Markie Mark Kelly is telling us citizens of Arizona that red china joe promised him that he would start filling the gaps in the wall after the elections. If Markie wins ,they don't need to. If Markie loses , they won't need to . Anything that gov. dukey does before the election is a plus.