Tuesday, August 30, 2022

Oberlin college may finally have to pay up

 Family-Owned Bakery Falsely Labeled Racist By Woke Ohio College Gets Major Win In Court

I am not certain I agree with the concept that oberlin college shouldn't have to pay any money to the bakery until the appeals court has ruled.

Seems to me that from the first verdict they should have to put all the money in escrow at least, until the appeals court rules or the supreme court or whatever it is.

And the fact that students and the college are still denigrating the bakery and telling people not to shop there is wrong. The ones doing that should be forced to stop that and then apologize. Publicly.

But the main problem in this is that the wimpy buttholes at oberlin  that are doing this have been raised to think doing this is okay. It is not.


  1. According to the folks at Legal Insurrection, Oberlin had to post a bond for the full verdict amount before they could appeal the initial judgement. Now that the Ohio State Supreme Court has declined to hear the appeal, the Gibsons will collect from the Bonding company, who will then recoup from Oberlin College.