Monday, September 19, 2022

13 Times We Barely Avoided Nuclear Armageddon

 It was in Thule, Greenland that the early warning system detected a dozen missiles inbound from the Soviet Union, estimated to strike the continental U.S. in 20 minutes.

The image above happened in 2018. I remember hearing about this one on the radio. Holy smokes, can you imagine getting THAT on your phone??? I don't think I would have made it home, I would have died of a heart attack right there wherever I happened to be at that moment.

In several of the instances written about in the article, the ONLY thing that saved the world from nuclear annihilation was the actions of one individual.

I hope like hell our training and our systems NOW are better than they were then. But I doubt it. And with the wokeness of our military I don't know if we have anyone with the balls anymore to defy orders or apply commonsense.

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