Saturday, September 10, 2022

Their plan is proceeding apace.

 List of Trump Allies Who Had FBI Show up on Their Doorsteps or Got Subpoenas Includes a Big Name

If they fail at getting President Trump thrown in jail, what's the next best thing for them to do?

Intimidate potential campaign workers and white house staff from working with him?

Kinda seems like maybe that is at least one of their objectives.

I mean lookit, who isn't going to think twice about accepting a position with President Trump when they face the potential of going to court because of it?

If that is the case then maybe hobbling his campaign is as effective as preventing him from running.

Who know what these bastards are capable of.


  1. The criminal commie left will target anyone and everyone that opposes them. Trump is just the BIG name. But anyone that poses any threat to their abusive grasp of power will be destroyed....including us little people who say things they don't like. Who do you think those 87,000 IRS agents are intended to go after....Not the liberal filthy rich.

  2. It's hard for "We just want to be left alone" Conservatives to get their heards around the fact that Neurotic, obsessed sociopathic Progressives eat, breathe and sleep their goals to crush, destroy and obliterate by ALL means including legal and illegal anyone that doesn't agree with their ideological mindset. Logic says: The only way to survive is to destroy them, but Conservatives don't possess the hard hearts to get bthe job done. Just look at the Republican politicians for example.

  3. Be thankful; they are outing themselves and self-identifying as traitors eligible for hanging. Though impalement on the White House lawn would be a more just punishment.