Monday, September 26, 2022

A damn good reason to vote for President Trump

 Liz Cheney Says She’ll Leave The GOP If Trump Is The Nominee In 2024…

This person should declare now she is a democrat. No reason to wait.

In the article she says her father, dick cheney, told her "defend the republic daughter". 

Well, she is doing a pisspoor job of defending it but a damn good job of tearing it down.

I'm thinkin Hell, I might as well run for office. My car's out of gas anyway.


  1. We can only hope she will leave. How many of those supposed free thinking demoncrats left the USA after Trump won?
    Demoncrats NEVER do anything that would be inconvenient. They only will inconvenience a normal.

  2. Liz Cheney left the GOP a LONG TIME AGO!

  3. That would just be making it official