Tuesday, September 20, 2022

Do you think our society is collapsing??

Violent Crime Is A Collapse Indicator 

Fortunately, no member of my family has been a victim of a violent crime. And I sure hope it stays that way.

But with some of the recent things going on I think that may be subject to change.

Venezuela is emptying their prisons and sending them over the border to here. And what are we doing about that? Welcoming them with open arms. A ready made army for the democrats is being formed in our borders.

If you peruse the net you will find numerous articles detailing violent crime being committed by illegal aliens(peacefully of course).

And so I think the article may be right. 

Check out this post: Anarchy in 3,2,1... If this post does not appear at the top, if you scroll down you will find it. Elmo lays it out pretty good I think.

What are some other collapse indicators? Well, I think the PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES saying that half the country are terrorists is a pretty goddamn good indicator of that!

Stolen elections, record high inflation, a senile president who shits his pants in public. I believe these are all indicators our country has gone to hell in a handbasket.

The time for prepping is gone, the time for hunkering down is here.

As the saying goes, "Smoke em if ya got em!"


  1. The Fudds & Butters continue to ponder why I (or anyone) would go around armed all the time, and posit that I must be living in fear of my own shadow.

    My concealed and holstered firearm harms no one by its mere presence, but is a tool at my disposal should the need arise.

    1. I have never carried a weapon here. So far I haven't felt the need to. But now, everytime I go to town, I feel my skin crawl, and I don't think thats the diabetes talking. My head stays on a swivel these days. And I am thinking now may be a good time to start carrying.

  2. Short answer?
    Fuck Yes it's collapsing.
    By design.

  3. I've been in small town Arizona, a year now (lucky and blessed). And yes, at first "Open Carry" took a little getting used to. I mulled it around in my head, the whole year. And finally decided that yes, going forward I will be strapped. The major impetus, was seeing/buying something at the pawn shop last week. That I thought worthy of carrying.

    1. If we had open carry here, I probably would not. At least not yet. But that is always subject to change.