Monday, September 12, 2022

Are gas prices going up again?

 Why the hell are gas prices going up?

I can't find it to link to, but one of the bloggers had a video with that bitch granholm who said gas prices are going to go up.

Our gas locally has been under 5 bucks a gallon. Geez louise what a statement that is.

For at least a month they have been below five. They came down from a high of about 6.59 in june to about 4.78 or so in august. There was a chain EZ Trip station in madera was at 4.33 then went to 4.59. Everyone else was higher.

Tonight we went down to a Wendys fast food joint. On the way home saw a chevron station gas was at 5.59 for 87 octane, but if you purchased a car wash with it the price was 5.29 for 87 octane.

A block or so down valero was $5.39? I think. And then here by my house valero is up over five bucks. Forgot to look soon enough going by, but I saw the 5.

When was the last time you saw gas prices go up in the fall? At least out here in the summer the prices increase like a rocket going up to the moon, but they usually come down in the fall.

I don't know who is doing the manipulating but I wish to hell they would stop. Make the damn price whatever you want and then leave it the hell alone!!!

Maybe then I could plan for my trips to the big city and ensure I have enough cash to pay for the fuel to get there and back.


  1. With Russia shutting down exports to Europe a lot of OUR fuel will be diverted to Europe. That results in higher prices here. Oil is a global commodity. Things that happen thousands of miles from here impact our prices.

  2. Sure they are, it is as inevitable as the sun rising in the west...