Sunday, September 11, 2022

No gas for europe.

 Putin says Nord Stream gas pipeline to Europe ‘practically’ closed, blames West for crisis

The europeans thought partnering with russia to buy gas was a good idea.

President Trump gave a speech at the u.n. and said germany would regret relying on russian gas, and the germans laughed and mocked him.

Look who's right. Trump as usual.

Why would any country including the good ole usofa think it is a good idea to rely so heavily on energy purchased from another country?

I mean, a two year old could figure that out.

And the gas they do have is super super expensive, which is causing their electricity prices to skyrocket.


  1. Be thankful; they are outing themselves and self-identifying as traitors eligible for hanging. Though impalement on the White House lawn would be a more just punishment.

  2. Just like our politicians, only they are slimy euro trash liberals as opposed to our slimy left liberal trash....

  3. Never forger....what they are doing to Europe NOW they plan to do to us SOON.