Monday, September 26, 2022

David Allan Coe - You Never Even Called Me By My Name--The Perfect Country and Western Song


  1. Hi Fred!!!!, Thx for Posting!!! My "Favorite!!" Krakioke song!! ... Always kick off with that one.. 'All started a long long time ago ... Aviator's Bar at the Raeford Airport... Went to get a Beer and on the way back the DJ started the song.. i came up on his right, picked up the spare mike ad started in with him!! .. My AIR TRASH buddy John Terry came up on the other side, got the other mike and we "TORE THE HOUSE DOWN!!!!!!!!" That was way back .. '02!! ..'Still kickin' it!!!

  2. My kind of music, not this soda pop singing with a fake Southern accent... and Phil's so called music, cat fight screeching...

    1. This new age bullshit they call country is pure bullshit. Some of the alien space garbage screaming can be tolerated, but I much prefer the 50, 60 and early 70 music. Back when men were men and the ladies appreciated that.