Wednesday, September 14, 2022

Cash is King!

 Buy your guns with cash, firearms stores adding ATMs

When I heard about the new credit card gun tracking bullcrap I naturally assumed many people would start using cash to buy their weapons.

Another thing gunstores could do would be to stop accepting credit cards altogether. Although that would probably put many of them out of business.

I use cash almost exclusively. I use a card if I purchase on amazon. I know amazon is evil, but for me it is a known evil.

So for some stores to install an atm seems to be a logical step forward. But I do have to wonder who checks the time and date stamps on where you withdraw your cash. 

Maybe that isn't the solution after all.


  1. The current criminal regime is planning to put a complete end to the existence of cash. ALL transactions will b digital so they can tax ALL of them and block any purchases they don't approve of. The end of cash is coming....and soon.

  2. I don't even own an ATM card, but if I did, I would choose a facility far away from where I normally shop and use that location ONCE. Or at least limit my use there to at least once a year. Be much harder to match face.

    Too, wearing the mask while paying bills or using electronic payment accomplishes the same as above - much harder to match a person.

    I too agree that purchasing with $$$ will become more difficult.