Saturday, September 24, 2022

I am still confused about gas prices.

 Typically gas prices go down in the fall and winter.

But here locally they are going up.

Yesterday in fresno I saw a shell station that had 87 regular for sale at $5.95 per gallon. WTF?

Today in fresno I saw a gulf station at $5.05 per gallon for 87 regular.

Here in my little burb sinclair was $5.37.

As we drove down to fresno the valero was $5.49 for 87 regular.

About 2 hours later on the way home that same gas station was at $5.59 for 87 regular. A dime increase in 2 hours.

I have been driving about 150 miles per week recently. Driving to fresno to do some work on a house. 

That shit is getting expensive.

Why not listen to some Sam Cooke instead of my whining? Here ye go!


  1. With Russia turning off the spigot to Europe the energy market got more complicated. Europe is now competing for access to fuel. That makes fuel more expensive for almost everyone everywhere. Doesn't help that Pedo Joe signed all those EO's when he infested the White House blocking exploration and drilling for oil across most of America. Now WE have to compete on the open world market like everybody else for access to fuel.

    1. It's a hell of a thing. When we could be energy independent like we were a few short months back.

  2. Mid grade here in AZ, is $4.09 (also up a dime in a day). But of course, was a whole $2.50 a year ago!

    Love me some Sam. Got a good number of his cherished platters, that I hope to liberate from my Cali storage locker soon.


    Saving America is a Suicide Mission

    1. Thanks Fred. I'm threading the needle (with an update to/in the above post). Speech in America has been criminalized. I like to convey my thoughts, without inviting my arrest, by the Gestapo. People ARE rotting in jail. For exercising their 1st Amendment.