Wednesday, September 7, 2022

Food Preservation with the Sun

 2 DIY Solar Dehydrators for Home Food Preservation

Another Solar Dehydrator

All this heat we are getting has me thinking that I should be able to reap the benefits of it somehow. 

I mean, other than using the heat as an excuse to simply stay home and sit on my ass. But I don't need an excuse for that I suppose.

So anyhow, I have this fig tree in a corner of my yard. As I was watering a few days ago I wandered over to see how it was doing. And I found all of the figs were dried  into a leather like texture. The heat has dried them out.

I pulled one and ate it, and though it isn't really my cup of tea, it wasn't too bad. So that started me thinking about solar dehydrators. 

Dehydration is a pretty good way to preserve food for storage. And I guess you could just lay stuff down outside and do the deed, but a solar dehydrator would at least keep bugs off wouldn't it??

I found the plans at the link and thought I would share with you. There are probably many other designs out there.

So if you build one and use it, let us know how it works  out for you, will  ya?