Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Why is Abbot's lead over o'rourke only 8%??

  Border issues driving Abbott lead over O'Rourke in Texas: poll

Does austin houston dallas and san antonio have that many liberal assholes living there that can vote?

Do any REAL Texans want this cocksucker as your governor?

I talked to my brother today and he says there are enough idiots there in south plains of texas who will vote for this idiot he might get a close call on the election.

I certainly hope not.


  1. Texas has had an influx of not only illegal aliens from south of our border but from California as well, especially in Austin - central Texas area.

    It takes a special kind of stupid to move from a location because of too much government interference in life, then voting for same interference when elections come around. They would be the 1st ones to get this but they are the last.

    1. You can take the Liberal out of a Socialist state, but you can't take the Socialist state out of the Liberal. Anyone who thinks different is a fool.

  2. Figures lie, and liars figure. I don't believe any so-called "polls".

  3. The only poll that matters is the one visited on ELECTION DAY.

  4. Kinda like to change my name to Patrick (Paddy) Sanchez...heckle Little Bobby Francis to all his campaign stops...while wearing a sombrero and a kilt