Sunday, September 25, 2022


 I clicked on the link to "Request Review" of the post blogger deleted.

Got a reply email saying the post had been reinstated.

Now I am still pissed off that someone has that power over the content I put on this blog. Fuck that. 

Gonna have to figure out how to just make a website and then get my own domain name. 

As you can tell I have issues with someone telling me what to do. Fuck that.

Okay. Whines over. Off to bed now.


  1. People use Blogger and Wordpress because they can have a website either cheap or free. Hosting your own requires an investment in hardware and if you have any meaningful amount of traffic a pretty hefty internet connection to support the traffic.

    1. What I am going to look for is a web hosting service, not be my own host. Those can be had fairly inexpensively. The question I have for myself is if I want to spend the required time to do make my own blog. Blogger and wordpress make it easy to cut and paste. Doing my own won't be as easy. Unless I can find a good website builder software. Used to have one but that was in 2000 or so.

  2. Fred, it is of great importance to me. I will be looking over your shoulder, flying in wing formation on this one. Though I have never been possessed of the energy, to chart the course.

    Regards, elmo

    1. I am looking into it slowly. If I find something good I will let you know.