Friday, September 9, 2022

Feed the Troops

 Biden’s Pentagon Makes Shameful Suggestion to Troops Struggling to Feed Their Families

Apply for snap benefits? Are you effin kiddin me???

Why would anyone who loves their family join the military? Knowing fullwell the military is not going to pay you enough to feed your family?

This must be part of their agenda to destabilize the military. 


  1. not really, it is just how fuck up it is to be married in the service.
    rent take up a lot of your paycheck. so there not much left over for food. and if you have job where you have go into work a lot, money for gas. back in the 1980's I remember having to chose either get gas for my old junker or eat something. and it does not help whenever you get a pay raise, you rent goes up as well.
    it also why a lot of married people have a part time job to help with the bills. 60 minutes did a show once, red, white and broke.
    and now I heard they want to stop the pension plan with a 401k
    deal. like any trooper has money to spare to go into that bullshit ?
    it is no wonder they can't get anyone to join. why suffer all of that
    for nothing ? when you think about it, joining the military these days is really a stupid idea. and do not get me started about how fucked up the VA is. my dad was right, I should have gone north
    and he went thru WW2 and Korea.

  2. Nothing new. 1979 as an E5 married with two kids I was eligible for food stamps.

  3. Yup, anonymouse said it, same boat, even in 1976, E4, two kids and food stamps.

  4. I was aware of low military pay, but I don't think i knew it was quite this bad. Thanks for the comments guys.