Thursday, September 29, 2022

A democrat rang my doorbell.

 My door bell rang earlier. Some lady, I suspect she was in her 80's.

She asked if was Vern, which surprised me, I've never met this woman.

Then she wanted to talk with me about someone running for state senator.

I told her I will not be voting in the midterm elections, as there is no one on the ballot I can morally cast a vote for. 

The particular office she wanted to discuss has a democrat and a democrat vying for that position. Now, if I am to vote, why am I not afforded a choice?

Here in california we have that stupid top two vote getter bullshit is who gets to run. 

Anyway, I explained to her about how democrats are evil people and we had a short  back and forth. Then she left.

I was polite. I did not scream yell and/or cuss, my Dad raised me up to not treat women in that fashion. 

But she definitely knows I don't like democrats. And then she explained to me how republicans are more evil than democrats. I agreed with her they were evil but the republicans don't hold a candle to dems as far as evil goes.

I hope I didn't hurt her feelings too awful bad, but I also wish she hadn't approached me.

Many years ago I told my wife I  wanted to buy 2,000 acres in the middle of the mojave desert. Fence the whole thing like a prison, double fences, concertina wire, dog runs between the fences. 50 cal mounted every 100 yards, about 1000 dobermans to patrol.

Then climb in the middle and stay there. She told me I was crazy.

I am starting to wish that is where I live. Oh well, I can be a grumpy old curmudgeon here as well as there.


  1. Some years back I had a nice looking couple come knocking on my door. They were going door-to-door to raise funds for Planned Parenthood. I pointed out the crucifix on the door, and the 'Este Hogar es Catholico' plaque. Unwilling or unable to take a hint, they carried on to 'educate' me about the works of PP. 'Certainly I had heard about their giving free breast cancer screenings, and STD testing?' I invited them to call PP, and ask about both services. Put it on speaker. No, PP does not offer either service, according to the PP phone tree.
    They were...nonplussed. I advised them that I was a nice guy, but the other folks in the building were less-nice than me, and less likely to speak the Ingles. And they were a lovely couple (I noticed an engagement ring) and wished them all the best, and may all your problems be little ones.

  2. Katie Hill once rang my doorbell. A few weeks before her successful election to Congress.

    I realized in that first few seconds (I never bothered to open the door. And waste my time, giving her a real earful). That I had been targeted. I never bothered in all those years, to change my registered affiliation (and had voted with my feet in 2016, and stayed home. Though in short order, Trump earned my admiration and respect).

    I got a kick out of her later much publicized foibles.