Thursday, September 29, 2022

Here's a headline I never expected to read.

 US Army's first trans officer and her wife indicted for offering sensitive information to Russia

Why don't trans people just die already?

For the luvofpete, go away and leave us alone.


  1. Hell, I remember when you could tell even a tiny little joke. WITHOUT getting fired!

    1. Me too. But those days are long gone. And so is sanity.

  2. There have always been mentally ill people, and always will be (more now than ever since, like 'gays' they are groomed, manufactured and rewarded). The real question is why are TPTB pandering to them - to destroy 'normality', gather power and profit from the destruction of course. SSDD, Cui Bono in all things*.

    'Those' are the people 'I' want to "just die already".

    [*I blame the feminists. Look to any, and all, of the current, ongoing, freak-shows and at its root you'll find feminism. In each case they are either a reaction to, or a mere aping of that which women 'achieved', be it the racialists, gays or now trans.

    In every country and culture, in all of history, women have been the 'enforcers' of a cultures norms and values. When western women 'lost their sh*t' they basically murdered western, and arguably all, civilisation].