Wednesday, September 7, 2022

“We need a reduction in energy use that is two or three times greater than what we’ve seen so far as this historic heat wave continues to intensify.”

 Imposing rotating outages if duress on the grid continued — maybe then, after the fact, customers will get the message to conserve.

Maybe this heat wave will wake some people up.

Not in the message of we need to conserve more so we have enough electricity. The message here is to the powers who control all that it is time for them to pull their collective heads out of their collective asses and let some good ole normal fossil fuel plants be run and more built so we can HAVE enough electricity.

I mean if we can't even supply enough electricity for all the masses now, why would ILLEGAL ALIENS continue to want to come here?

Yesterday for the first time in my rembered history we got shrilling phone alerts begging us to conserve electricity or face blackouts.

I doubt if this wakes any one up, but it would be nice if 20 million or so pissed off people started calling up the wannabe presidential hopeful newsom and loudly expressed their displeasure.

Maybe then he could concntrate on california instead of making ads in florida.


  1. The Illegal Aliens live better than you or I. They get a $2500 check each month, and are put up at the Hyatt. They get free medical insurance, are given driver's licenses, next thing you know, they'll be running for public office.

    1. Funny you should say that. Two illegal aliens were appointed to public office in huntington park calif. Illegal aliens in utah were allowed by supreme court decision to become lawyers. Now that's ironic, they practice law but break the law by being here illegally.