Saturday, September 17, 2022

Here is something to think about.

An ER doc’s take on a first aid kit  

This kit the doc is talking about is apparently for life saving, and not for boo boo's as he calls it. So, I'm thinking this would be called a trauma kit???

I have most of this stuff in my home kit, but I do not have an airway.

I watch training videos for knowledge of how to use the stuff, and I hope some of it is sinking in. 

Obviously I am not a doc or an emt or nurse. I will not try to use any of this unless absolutely necessary. 

Are your home kits up to snuff?

Something to think about.

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  1. I generally like NAR (North American Rescue) kit but have swapped to carrying a 26C Safeguard ‘pre lubricated’ Nasopharyngeal airway instead (it saves the messing about with gel).

    They are both essential, and easy to use ‘if you know what you are doing’. Both Bear Independent (Refuge medical) and Skinny Medic have videos up on YT on how to (as information) but both they (and many other providers including the Red Cross) offer training.

    My experience is that I have used an NPA almost as often as a pressure dressing, and way more than a tourniquet, if that gives you some idea as to how likely you will need one (and get a good pocket Bag/valve mask too – they run about $85 for a micro).

    If you're likely to/may meet a lot of "penetrating" chest injuries (i.e.. you shoot regularly) I'd suggest a thoracostomy (decompression) needle too (post training) as well as your chest seals.

    It sounds a lot but my daily carry fits in a Blue Force gear waist/belt pack smaller than my phone.

    (FYI, I really don't understand the fixation with "clotting agents", all the research around the MARCH algorithm shows only a minimal advantage over basic packing gauze, which is massively cheaper. But ... YMMV).