Tuesday, September 20, 2022

PG&E Battery facility catches on fire.

 Tesla Megapack battery fire spurs shelter-in-place warning in California

This is certainly news to me. I had no idea pg&e had any sort of energy generation using batterypack. I have no idea how it works.

But apparently this one has caught on fire, and because of the toxic smoke the area has locked down. Close your windows, turn off ventilation. That wouldn't work well with me, I would have to leave the area and go to a hotel.

And this place has only been operating 5 months.

Something in the article that doesn't make sense is the time listed for a tweet by california highway patrol. It is only 4pm here and the article says the chp tweeted a twit at 4:52 pm. Must be a future crime sort of thing.

There is another company there with the tesla megapacks who has been operating for a couple of years. But they have been shutdown twice recently for safety concerns of the batteries.

All I know is there must be one hell of a big battery there to be in the megawatt range.


  1. Fred, have you done a web search lately? You Sir ARE being shadow banned. I tried getting here on a different machine, than my usual. And it took me fifteen minutes!

    1. I searched for the url on search.brave.com and it came right up. I have noticed that most web sites load unusually slowly compared to how fast they loaded just a couple weeks ago. I am not certain what to do about it.