Sunday, January 30, 2022

Damn Government Lackeys

Border Patrol Agents in 'Heated' Exchange With Leadership While Mayorkas Watches

 Why is our federal government so hell bent on turning the former usa into a turdworld country?

Every asshole in the world wants to come to america because the goddamn fucking asshole democrats want to pay for every thing for them. But they won't help an american citizen and they force us to do their bidding of vaccinations or no job, no entry. Papers please!

Just like asshole the w bush wouldn't do anything about illegal aliens, these fuckers now are hellbent on bringing the whole goddamn world to our shores just so republicans who work can pay the goddamn assholes to sit on their ass at home and rape little kids and cut the throats of their neighbors.

Fuckin democrats.


  1. maybe the answer is to for all of us to just stop working. everything is going to collapse anyway; if we were to starve the beast, that would sure speed it along