Sunday, January 9, 2022

Unfortunately, this is only one guy doing this

Savage Dad Berates 'Beta' School Board With Perfect Comedic Timing  

What this guy says is true, and everyone likes it. But so what. It won't do a damn bit of good. He may follow thru and get everyone of those members  unelected. But again so what? 

In my personal opinion, if the other people in that audience had stood up enmasse and beat the everlovin shit out of the board members, that may have got their attention.

I believe it is far too late for any kind of vote to resolve this situation. What is required now is violence, and lots of it directed at the liberal commie cocksuckers and rino cocksuckers who have gotten us to this point. 

Until we collectively stand up and say enough is enough, nothing will happen.


  1. Bingo Fred... violence has solved more problems then naught...

    1. Yep. Until we kick some asses this shit will never go away.