Sunday, January 23, 2022

Dole reopens some salad production facilities

 Dole reopens salad facilities linked to multi-year Listeria outbreak

The vegetable products we buy at the stores have probably been rinsed with chlorine at one point or another.

I used to go to a Dole facility in Oxnard. They processed lettuce. They had this truck trailer sized box that boxes of heads of lettuce would be placed in. Then they would turn on the pumps and that would spray chlorine laden water over the lettuce. They would do that for approximately 1/2 hour(I think. It has been so long I forget the time frame.) Might have been an hour or longer. I remember it was a four hour drive one way for me to get there. I left home at 4 am one morning, when I got to bakersfield about 90 minutes later, I said eff it and pulled into a carls junior parking lot and slept till 8 then got back on my way.

But the ppm of chlorine in the water was about 50 if I remember correctly. Theoretically the chlorine would kill all the ecoli and other stuff that might be on the lettuce. But I can see how some of the heads might get little soaking due to the way they did it.

Anyway, probably shouldn't rely too much on the veggies being clean when we get them.

Home gardening sounds better all the time.


  1. When ya grow your food in turd world countries and irrigate with water just down from the latrines, what do you expect? Only time I really but those types of vegetables is in the spring/summer when I can by them locally at a coop or a farmers meet. I freeze or can what I can and just do with out fresh veges in the late fall/winter