Friday, January 14, 2022

N95 Masks

 Bottom Line: How to Disinfect N95/KN95 Masks Leaving masks out to dry should disinfect them from COVID-19, SARS, and influenza A in under 48 hours. 72 hours would be even more conservative.

Back at the beginning of all of covid hysteria bullshit I ordered some N95 and N99 masks. I distributed some to my family and we kept some.

We still have all of them because we just never wore masks. When we absolutely had to we wore those little blue paper masks. Like when we went to the doc. And those assholes were fanatically religious in making sure you wore your mask properly. But now, not so much.

Anyway with all the hysteria regarding omicron going on, I think I have noticed a resurgence in the recommendation to use N95 masks.

Along with that I hear tptb say use a new mask daily.

Well just where you supposed to get those new masks? There is a shortage of them again.

So in light of that I found some articles that say these masks can be cleaned and reused.

I linked to one of those articles up top. 

All of them seem to be in agreement though, that the best thing to do is let them air dry for about 3-4 days, then rewear them.


  1. I've read doctors saying that even the **95 masks do not effectively stop airborne virus.
    I'm learning to not trust the government on anything.

    1. I'm right there with you on that. Gov't does nothing but lie.

  2. It Just LOOKS like every time a decision needs made, they amazingly manage to decide to go THE direction that will screw everything up, all the while beating on their chest and proclaiming they are correct and The Expert.

    I WATCHED some arrogant bastard on TV tell us
    Yes,we know NAFTA is unpopular, but we are going to pass it anyway.. You'll thank us later.

    So, the Elected REPRESENTATIVES, think about that word.
    Representatives,, that means that THEY are supposed to be OUR voices in DC. They are Supposed to do what WE say.
    You don't like the way things are? You want the Republic we were told we have? Try to get that back! You will be labeled anti government, traitor, Insurrectionist,everything BUT
    counter revolutionary. The revolution has been long and slow,,
    The whole mess that IS our government that is Not in keeping with the constitution is deemed legitimate by the left.
    Asking for a government that just fits in the box it came in is a crime.

  3. Check the box of N95 masks and see where they are made, last time I checked they were made in CHINA. Check out what they are made of, nothing good. Wearing the mask is dangerous to your health, breathing in your own breath creates bacteria inside the mask, it also kill your brain cells that do not regenerate. There is so much harm by wearing the mask that wearing it does not protect you from any virus the government is screaming about. Natural immunity of your system works best. Remember those that have gotten the vaccine are getting covid and I believe that wearing the mask is also aiding getting the virus.

    1. in 1918?? the spanish flu killed a lot of people. The majority of those who died did so from the bacteria built up in their mask, not the flu.