Friday, January 14, 2022

More supply chain crap

 Are you as tired of this supply chain disruption crap as I am?

As if there wasn’t enough bad economic news — The War Room opened their first hour on Friday warning viewers of the coming “mother of all supply chain shocks.”

You know what would stop all this supply chain disruption crap? If the whole goddamn world just ignored  this covidrona omicron crap and went back to work! Goddamn if ya get sick ya get sick!!!

25 years ago this covid rona crap wasn't even thought of when my wife got transported by ambulance to the mother of all hospitals. She spent TWO GODDAMN DAYS IN THE FUCKING HALLWAY of the emergency room because the WHOLE GODDAMN HOSPITAL was full of patients and she had to wait for a room. And it wasn't flurona or omicron or none of that shit it was normal everyday crap that happens to people. And it wasn't some pandemic bullshit it was normal everyday crap!!!

So if they would quit quarantining people if they would quit firing unvaccinated workers and then let them come back to work because they are shorthanded and even if they are sick and contagious with flurona covid crap, if the whole world would quit locking down and just live their normal goddamn life, this supply chain shit would take care of itself.

And ole pete butt gig would be out of a damn job.


  1. Give someone a job solving problems and watch the problem become severe. And what qualifications are Needed to be good at the job?
    Does Pete have Any of them??

    Gee, Wally, it kinda looks like they just hand out cush jobs to their friends.

    1. The only qualification he has is he sucks a mean dick.

  2. I wonder how they broached that qualification at the initial interview... Get rid rid of the buttplug? what we will do for meme and comedy relief?

    1. Wonder if the plug was stainless steel? Or was it bedazzled?